Felix - Tomato ketchup (no added sugar)
970g Tomato ketchup without added sugar and sweetener is a slightly less sweet ketchup but with the same good ketchup taste. By balancing the other ingredients in the ketchup, Felix have managed to get an equally good ketchup taste but...
Coronet - Eveline - Danish biscuits
500g Coronet Cake Company started more than 70 years ago as a small bakery in Copenhagen. Today, Coronet is one of the largest cake manufacturers in Scandinavia. You can taste the quality in these mixed cookies from Coronet, they are...
Sun lolly - Lemon ice cream
600ml (10x 60ml) / 650g (10x 65g) Sun Lolly Lemon is a refreshing ice lolly for home freezing that's sure to put a smile on the faces of kids and adults alike. Made with refreshing fruit juice and no preservatives,...
Frebaco - Raw rice
600g Raw rice, or whole grain rice, is a long-grained and non-stick rice where all the nutrients are preserved. It has a fuller taste, more protein and is a better and healthier alternative to regular white rice. The cooking takes...
Blå Band - Mexican - Tomato & pepper (spicey)
300ml Blue Band Mexican, is a spicy and tasty pepper sauce that goes well with grilled meat and burgers. Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, tomato puree, red pepper, spirit vinegar, dextrose, red pepper puree, mustard (spirit vinegar, mustard seed, water, salt, turmeric),...
Heinz - Seriously good mayonnaise
460g / 480ml Heinz seriously good mayonnaise is incredibly soft, creamy and full of flavor. Made with only the very best ingredients such as free-range eggs, oils and vinegar to make the difference you can taste. High quality mayonnaise in...
Felix - Remoulade sauce
370ml Felix's creamy Remoulad sauce is prepared in Blekinge according to a classic recipe with mild Swedish rapeseed oil, Swedish eggs from free-range hens and a sting of curry. This is a perfect remoulade sauce for fish or for roast...
Blå Band - Lemon & dille sauce
69g (3 bags x 23g) Blå Band classic sauces help you make every dinner a success.Blå Band Lemon & Dill sauce is a perfect sauce for most of the everyday fish dishes. Feel free to try it as a sauce...
Bob - Blackcurrant jam
450g Bob blackcurrant jam is produced in the heart of Scandinavia in little Tollarp from the best ingredients. Fits just as well with the food as without the food. Opened packaging is stored in the refrigerator. Ingredients: Sugar, black currant...
Felix - Chili sauce (no added sugar)
550g Felix Unsweetened Chili Sauce - without added sugar and without sweeteners. It is a slightly less sweet chili sauce but with the same good taste. Perfect as an accessory sauce or as a base in stews and minced meat...
Delikatess Bageriet - Oat chocolate cookies
270g (ca. 18 cookies x 15g) Baked with care and made with delicious ingredients. These cookies are ideal for sweet dessert snacking any time of the day. Fulfill all of your guests' snacking needs with this oat chocolate chip cookies!...
Blå Band - Greek - Garlic & herbs
300ml Greek Garlic & Herbs Sauce from Blå Band is a classic garlic sauce (think kebab sauce) spiced with herbs that goes well with grilled fish, salads and kebabs. The sauce comes in Blå Band's flexible "squeeze" tube which means...

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