Bob - Blackcurrant jam
450g Bob blackcurrant jam is produced in the heart of Scandinavia in little Tollarp from the best ingredients. Fits just as well with the food as without the food. Opened packaging is stored in the refrigerator. Ingredients: Sugar, black currant...
Kavli - Sandwich pickles - 275g
275g Kavli Sandwich Pickles is a real classic. Based on Kavli real mayonnaise mixed with pickled vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, cauliflower and onions.Fits perfectly on the sandwich as it is or together with a piece of ham. Kavli Sandwich...
Felix - Raw Lingonberry Jam
410g Felix's cranberry jam is a delicious condiment and recipe ingredient that should not be missing in the kitchen. Its sweet taste makes it perfect as an ingredient in many baking and dessert recipes and the blueberries being a little...
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